50 Top Pizza 2022: 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar in Melbourne is the Best Pizzeria in The Asia – Pacific Area

The Complete Ranking of 50 Top Pizza Asia – Pacific 2022

50 Top Pizza 2022:

 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar in Melbourne is the Best Pizzeria in The Asia – Pacific Area

 In Second Place is Bottega in Beijing

The Pizza Bar On 38th in Tokyo takes Third Spot on Podium


The Special Award for Pizza Maker of The Year goes to Daniele Cason from The Pizza Bar On 38th in Tokyo

 The Pizza of The Year is from Pizza Strada in Tokyo

48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar in Melbourne has been named the Best Pizzeria in the Asia – Pacific area for 2022.  The awards ceremony was held live for the first time in Asia at The Peninsula Bangkok Hotel where 50 Top Pizza, the most influential guide in the sector, revealed the 50 Top Pizza Asia – Pacific ranking for 2022.

In second place is Bottega in Beijing, which is also the Best Pizzeria in China. Completing the podium in third place is The Pizza Bar on 38th in Tokyo, that also received the title of Best Pizzeria in Japan.

Following in fourth position is Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” in Tokyo; in fifth place is Peppina in Bangkok, which is also the Best Pizzeria in Thailand. In sixth place is Pizza Massilia, again in Bangkok, followed in seventh position by Pizza Strada in Tokyo. In eighth position is Fiata by Salvatore Fiata in Hong Kong, which has also won Best Pizzeria in Hong Kong.  Ninth position to Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana in Auckland, and tenth position to Pizzeria Mazzie in Bangkok.

The first 15 pizzerias in the ranking have received the coveted “golden ticket,” an invitation which confirms a placement in 50 Top Pizza World 2022, the worldwide ranking which will be revealed on September 7th at Palazzo Reale in Naples.


Here is the list of the Asia – Pacific Special Awards for 2022:

• Best Fried Food 2022 – Olitalia Award

Bottega – Beijing, China

• Performance of the Year 2022 – Robo Award

Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand

• Pizza of the Year 2022 – Latteria Sorrentina Award

Smoked mozzarella, pecorino, cherry tomatoes, basil – Pizza Strada – Tokyo, Japan

• Innovation and Sustainability 2022 – Ferrarelle Award

Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana  – Auckland, New Zealand

• Best Beer Service 2022 – Birrificio Fratelli Perrella Award

Pizzeria Mazzie – Bangkok, Thailand

• Made in Italy 2022 – Pastificio Di Martino Award

Baci Pizza – Hong Kong, China

• Best Service 2022 – Goeldlin Award

Via Emilia Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

• Best Wine List 2022 – Prosecco DOC Award

La Bottega Enoteca – Singapore, Singapore

• Pizza Maker of the Year 2022 – Peroni Award

Daniele Cason – The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan

• One to Watch 2022 – Solania Award

A Mano – Makati, Philippines


The 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific area considers Asia, Japan and Oceania as one zone.  Management for this region was entrusted to Vittoria Dell’Anna. Together with 4 local coordinators, she created a team of 150 inspectors that allowed a more thorough supervision and inspection of this geographic area.

The award ceremony and all collateral events were organised by Virgilio – Creating Value, and they were under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Thailand.

Lorenzo Galanti, Ambassador of Italy to Thailand, expresses his satisfaction with the event: ‘’There are many ways to prepare a great pizza, but there are two requisites for a pizza to be authentic: Italian ingredients and Italian know-how in the preparation. 50TopPizza is the acclaimed guide to the Best Pizzerias in the world. I am delighted to participate in the 2022 Asia Pacific award edition, which is a testimony to the growing popularity of this simple, yet amazing and captivating Italian dish in this part of the world. Beware of imitations!

This is the first year when we have grouped this zone under a single “umbrella” for the Asia Pacific region,” explain curators Barbara Guerra, Albert Sapere and Luciano Pignataro. “The decision to do so was a very important one. The Asia-Pacific zone has a plethora of businesses connected to the world of pizza that deserve recognition. This is why we decided to concentrate our energy on this region that continues to amaze us every year.  We are happy that the ranking is very balanced and evenly distributed over the various countries. The pizza there is excellent, even when made thousands of kilometers from Italy. This is a wonderful fact that we are happy to reconfirm year after year.


Project Partners:

Project Partners:

Birrificio Fratelli Perrella, Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC, Ferrarelle, Goeldlin, Latteria Sorrentina, Pastificio Di Martino, Robo 1938, Solania, Olitalia, Peroni, Ethica Wines, Ca.Form Japan, Global Food Products.


The following list is the complete ranking for 50 Top Pizza Asia – Pacific 2022:

  1. 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar – Melbourne, Australia
  2. Bottega – Beijing, China
  3. The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan
  4. Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” – Tokyo, Japan
  5. Peppina – Bangkok, Thailand
  6. Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Pizza Strada – Tokyo, Japan
  8. Fiata by Salvatore Fiata – Hong Kong, China
  9. Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Auckland, New Zealand
  10. Pizzeria Mazzie – Bangkok, Thailand
  11. Spacca Napoli – Seoul – South Korea
  12. Baci Pizza – Hong Kong, China
  13. CIAK – In The Kitchen – Hong Kong, China
  14. Al Taglio – Sydney, Australia
  15. Pizzeria e Braceria L’Insieme – Tokyo, Japan
  16. Pizza Studio Tamaki Roppongi – Tokyo-Minato City, Japan
  17. Pizzeria Braceria CESARI – Tokyo, Japan
  18. Pizzeria e Trattoria Da ISA – Tokyo, Japan
  19. Via Emilia Restaurant– Bangkok, Thailand
  20. Seirinkan – Tokyo, Japan
  21. La TRIPLETTA – Tokyo, Japan
  22. La Bottega Enoteca – Singapore, Singapore
  23. SAVOY Azabujuban – Tokyo, Japan
  24. Little Napoli – Hong Kong, China
  25. Bella Brutta – Newtown, Australia
  26. Andrea Style – Taipei City, Taiwan
  27. Gigi Pizzeria – Sydney, Australia
  28. Zoca Pizzeria Caffetteria – Taipei City, Taiwan
  29. Casa Don Alfonso – Macau, China
  30. Cicheti – Singapore, Singapore
  31. L’OLIVA Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand
  32. Crosta Pizzeria – Metro Manila, Philippines
  33. Pizzeria GG – Tokyo, Japan
  34. TARANTELLA da Luigi – Tokyo, Japan
  35. A25 Pizzeria – Victoria, Australia
  36. Vera Pizza Napoli – Seoul, South Korea
  37. SPQR Pizzeria – Melbourne, Australia
  38. Wild Flour Italian – Metro Manila, Philippines
  39. Mozzarella Bar – Victoria, Australia
  40. La Svolta Hampton– Victoria, Australia
  41. Gustaci Pizza Lounge – Hong Kong, China
  42. Etica Pizza – Adelaide, Australia
  43. Lucio Pizzeria – Darlinghurst, Australia
  44. Luce Osteria Contemporanea – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  45. The Pizza Project – Hong Kong, China
  46. Proof Pizza + Wine – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  47. La Baracca – Bali, Indonesia
  48. A Mano – Makati, Philippines
  49. Via Napoli pizzeria – Sydney, Australia
  50. Mammamia pizzeria – Shanghai, China


50 Top Pizza Asia – Pacific – Top in Country 2022

Top Pizzeria in Pacific 2022 – 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Top Pizzeria in Mainland China 2022 by Ethica Wines – Bottega, Beijing

Top Pizzeria in Japan 2022 by Ca.Form Japan – The Pizza Bar on 38th, Tokyo

Top Pizzeria in Thailand 2022 by Global Food Product – Peppina, Bangkok

Top Pizzeria in Hong Kong 2022 – Fiata by Salvatore Fiata, Hong Kong

Top Pizzeria in South Korea 2022 – Spacca Napoli, Seoul

Top Pizzeria in Taiwan 2022 – Andrea Style, Taipei City

Top Pizzeria in the Philippines 2022 – Crosta Pizzeria, Metro Manila

Top Pizzeria in Malaysia 2022 – Proof Pizza + Wine, Kuala Lumpur

Top Pizzeria in Indonesia 2022 – La Baracca, Bali


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