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I Tigli

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This establishment has an atmosphere of elegant sobriety with modern furnishings. The oven and the kitchen areas are open and very large. There are 5 pizza chefs executing various tasks, who are led by Simone Padoan, master dough-maker who is always in search of new baking techniques and flavors. His desserts are also excellent and innovative. You can sit at the tables or use the stools near the kitchen counter. The first thing you notice on the menu is the prices. At Tigli the prices are not for everyone. If you are planning on trying the best, keep in mind that you will be spending about the same as if you were eating a seafood dinner.  It is always best to make a reservation. At lunch the pizzas are smaller in size and cost about 30% less compared to dinner. The pizza is served sliced. Among the pizzas we highly recommend is the “quasi come un panino” with scallops, foie gras and buffalo-milk mozzarella. The beverage list has a lot of variety that can easily satisfy everyone’s taste. It is among one of the top establishments in Italy.
average price:
da 20 euro a 25 euro
pizza chef:

Simone Padoan

i Tigli s.r.l., Via Camporosolo, San Bonifacio, VR, Italia
aperto a pranzo e cena dal giovedì al martedì a pranzo

closing day: martedì a cena e tutto il mercoledì
telephone 0456102606
not to be missed: La bufala; Gambero rosso
wine list: Eccellente (oltre 30)
beer list Eccellente (oltre 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: prenotazione
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed

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