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Isabella De Cham Pizza Fritta

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Pizza Fritta
This establishment is located in the Rione Sanità.  Here, thanks to the technical skill of Isabella de Cham and her entire female team, the fried pizza, a simpe working-class food, makes an elegant jump in quality.  The dining area on the top floor, which is well-kept and air conditioned, is a pleasant environment in which to consider the menu’s choices that change according to season.  They are more substantial in winter, such as the Genovese, the soffritto napoletano, and ragù, and lighter in the summer:  octopus, baccalà (cod) salmon.  The novelty for this year is the tasting menu for frittatine di pasta which are proposed in a small size and in seven different flavors, and offer an overview of authentic Neapolitan flavors. The fried stuffed pizza is fragrant, dry and tasty.  It is served in a normal size or in the smaller batocchio.  The variety of montanarine is interesting and tasty.  The wine, beer and sparkling wine lists are detailed and lengthy, and are prepared by the sommelier Imma Verde.  We recommend concluding your meal with the Millefritta, a crunchy fried puff pastry filled with excellent pastry cream and inspired by the classic millefoglie.
average price:
da 8€ a 15€
pizza chef:

Isabella de Cham

Via Arena della Sanità, 27, 80137 Napoli, Napoli, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperto a pranzo e cena dal lunedì al sabato; domenica a solo pranzo

closing day: mai
una settimana a ferragosto
telephone 081 18639669
not to be missed: donna isabella
wine list: Eccellente (oltre 30)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: no
air conditioning
free wifi

take-away pizza

pets allowed

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