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Pignalosa Pizzeria

Da non perdere
The consolidated experience in the business of pizza making and a solid management of the establishment have made Giuseppe Pignalosa’s pizzeria the best in Salerno in just a few months. The venue is very elegant, furnished in a modern style with attention to the smallest details, from well-chosen lighting to the comfortable design of the chairs. It can be considered a sort of living room among the streets of Salerno’s nightlife. The pizza and fried dishes menu is simple but with a defined character. The beverage list contains wine, champagne and craft beers from respected labels. The pizza is thin, fragrant and not doughy. The crust is pronounced, soft and tasty. The dough is leavened to perfection and highly digestible; it is like eating a cloud. The selected ingredients are of the highest quality, with an almost obsessive attention to local producers. To conclude our review, we would like to report that it was truly a satisfying experience and we really appreciated the highly professional service.
average price:
da 15 a 25
pizza chef:

Giuseppe Pignalosa

Via Roma, 238, 84121 Salerno, SA, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperto a cena; venerdì, sabato e domenica anche a pranzo

closing day: Mai
telephone 089 214 8942
not to be missed: Nerano
wine list: Di pregio (da 11 a 30)
beer list Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: si
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed only small

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