Our Stardards

Our Stardards

What is 50TopPizza?

It is an online guide, updated every year, to the best pizzerias in Italy and around the world, without any preference to style.


What is the philosophy of 50TopPizza?
The guide does not have ideological principles, it is inspired by the concept of excellence in the broad sense, but favors those who use products from the local territory as well as seasonal ingredients. We appreciate the use of European quality brands (PDO, PGI, TSG) and of course the PATs according to the annual list from the minister. Also keeping in mind the environmental frendliness, it favours who has a precise pizza design project that is realized, beyond different the styles, with consistency and without following the trends of the moment. The inspectors, just like the curators, are free and autonomous, working, therefore in an unconditioned manner, committed to the values that we have just listed.


What does 50TopPizza award?
The inspectors of the guide are invited to consider the pizzeria as a whole and to judge it on the basis of its capacity to guarantee the well-being of the patron based on his or her ability to make an informed choice. This begins with the service followed by the opportunity to choose wines and beers; it includes cleanliness, and the beauty of the space and decor. The state of the restrooms is also considered. This is not all, the phisical well-being of the patron is also important, so the evaluation of the pizza based both on the flavour and on hygiene.


What are the assessment criteria for 50TopPizza?
1-the pizza.
It must be, above all, good and digestible regardless of the style adopted by the pizzeria. In any case, there is a further evaluation on how the different elements have been combined. The quality of the products used is important and decisive.


2-the service.
A basic aspect that makes the difference as much as the pizza in the evaluation. The qualification of the dinning room staff, their capacity to explain the pizza, illustrate the wine and beer lists, a smile and kindness are factors that we retain to be fundamental in the final evaluation.


3-the space, ambiance and decor
It is not important whether the pizzeria is big or small, it is necessary that it is kept clean, including the restrooms, for the entire duration of the service. 50TopPizza appreciates well-designed establishments where attention to was also given to the decor.


4-the wait
The inspectors for 50TopPizza wait in line like all of the regular patrons. One element for assessment is also how the flow of customers is managed, if there are preferences, if a precise and unchangeable order is truly followed, and if once in a while extra attention is given to whomever is waiting (an offered bite, cover from the rain, heaters if its cold, etc).


5-the wine
50TopPizza particularly appreciates the pizzerias who have introduced a wine list. It favors the local and regional lists even if it does not penalize the wish to offer lists that include bottles from other regions or even other countries. 50TopPizza detests and rejects impersonal lists, wine lists that are basically a photocopy given by the distributors, and those which do not include local productions.


6-the beer
The same goes for the craft beers. 50TopPizza, however, does not penalize establishments who offer only industrial beers, but rewards those who offer a varied and multi-faceted proposal.


We are currently witnessing the rise of a mixed-drink trend. 50TopPizza recognizes those pizzerias that are ready for these new trends as long as they do not overpower the primary role of the wine and beer.


Relationship with the media
50TopPizza does not participate officially in any inaugurations or meals offered to the press becuase it retains that they are not truthful to the reality that a normal patron experiences on any given day. We record openings and closings, new menus, but all that is communicated does not come in to the criteria for assessment. Our eventual presence at these types of initiatives is to be intended as completely personal and has no bearing whatsoever on evaluation, which is always entrusted to an anonymous inspection.


Relationship with social media

50TopPizza does not participate in any of the controversy present on social media platforms because it does not believe them to be an appropriate medium for discussion and debate. We talk with the judges. Everyone is free to say what they think and judge us in turn. But for us it ends there. We have, however activated a team of legal experts who will safeguard each case should an evaluation become blatantly defamatory or slanderous, violate the Law, or not correspond to reality (for example, if a sponsor falsely influences the classification and the awards).


The survey
The work of 50TopPizza begins with an initial grand survey that is open to about 150 inspectors in Italy, chosen based on their written declaration that they have no direct or indirect business relationships with the pizzerias. An algorithm was designed that keeps track of the weight of each region based on the resident population, on the flow of tourists and on the number of pizzerias. Each inspector can vote on a certain number of pizzerias in their own region and a certain number in other Italian regions provided that the have visited them.


The anonymous visits
After the survey an initial classification is created based on the sum of the votes indicated. Regional coordinators are given a list of establishments who then assign them to the inspectors who complete the evaluation worksheets. Every visit is anonymous and must be justified by a receipt. If anyone professes to be part of 50TopPizza or is boasting credit thereof, or is doing his or her job badly, we kindly ask you to report the episode so that actions can be taken.

About 20 to 30% of the inspectors change every year in order to ensure anonymity.


Second Survey
In the second phase, a second survey is carried out which takes into account the experience that the inspectors had during their visits, of new openings and new closures or transfers of pizza chefs.


What the classification indicates

It is important to consider that 50TopPizza does not indicate the best pizza or the best pizza chef. It indicates the best pizzeria thanks to the various factors that we have previously set forth.