Franco Pepe has finally brought the true Neapolitan pizza to Hong Kong!


Kitaly Ginevra, which originates from a collaboration between the Bortesi family and Franco Pepe has had great success and so in September 2018 the Kitaly pizzeria was opened in Hong Kong under the direction of Alessandro Bortesi. At the oven there is Antonio Cecere, a young pizza chef who hails from the Caiazzo school. The guests at the chef’s table can admire him at work preparing one of the 19 pizzas on the menu. They range from the classics such as the margherita to the signature pizzas such as the Margherita Sbagliata, Sole Nel Piatto or the Scarpetta.


Every ingredient is of the highest quality and comes from Caiazzo (about 30 miles north of Naples), where the Pepe in Grani pizzeria is located. Pepe sources ingredients only from local producers, from the tuna to the anchovies, from the Riccio tomatoes to the cheeses.


The restaurant also houses the first Campari Bar in Hong Kong under the direction of the Bar Manager Marcus Chan. Here guests can taste a classic Italian cocktail on the splendid terrace which overlooks Wyndham Street at Central. There is a selection of 17 classic or creative cocktails, such as the Negroni Arabica with vermouth, gin, Campari and an infusion of coffee, or the now infamous Spritz.


As for the desserts, you can’t go wrong with their range of Tiramisùs which includes Nutella and strawberry versions.


by Maria Pranzo