The “Paulista” pizza by Bràz Quntal, the pizzeria that won 50 Top Brazil

A light pizza, realized with sourdough, long maturation times, balanced toppings and quality ingredients: Bràz Quintal is the pizzeria in São Paulo that got the top spot at 50 Top Brazil, recognized by the D’Amico award for the Best Pizzeria in Brazil 2019 during the finals at 50 Top Pizza.


Bráz Pizzeria is a modern brand created in 1998 which has made history in Brazil: today 70 professional pizza chefs work under this brand in 10 different establishments, many of which are found in São Paulo itself.


A “Paulista pizza” is realized in this pizzeria: traditional, but different from the Neapolitan version, more crunchy and larger, baked in the two wood-fired ovens.


On the menu there are three types of pizzas: the “nuvola” (cloud), dough produced with a double maturation, the 100% whole grain with stone-ground Italian grains, and the classic, dough leavened naturally and realized with a mix of diverse types of flours. The dough is made with the direct method, realized with sourdough, with a maturation time between 48 and 72 hours. There are 30 different toppings at Bràz Quintal: you can taste a few traditional pizzas such as the Margherita, the Calabresa (homemade sausage, onions and black olives), the Romana (mozzarella and Italian anchovies) and the Quattro Formaggi (mozzarella, erborinato, parmesan and catupiry). There is also a variety of special pizzas on the menu such as the Bràz (wood-fired baked zucchini, mozzarella, garlic and Grana Padano), the Caprese, the Imigrante (buffalo-milk mozzarella, Gioi soppressa, roasted cherry tomatoes) and the Carbonara. Besides the toppings, the winning cards for this pizzeria are the passion of the owners and of the team and the elevated quality of the ingredients used, some of which are shipped in from Italy, such as the tomatoes, the flour, the Cetara anchovies, the artichokes and the oregano from Sicily. The fior di latte and the buffalo-milk mozzarella, instead, are the work of small local producers.



Bráz Quintal Pizzaria

R. Gandavo, 447

Vila Clementino, São Paulo – SP, 04023-001, Brazil

Open from Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 12am, Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 1am

Tel. +55 11 5082-3800

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by Floriana Barone