Pizza in Tuscany: Not in Florence

Florence, in recent years, has become the center of pizza in the Tuscany region. Tuscany is widely known as being one of the Italian regions to lead the new pizza trend that has surfaced in the last few years, with many award-winning pizza makers found in this area.


Florence is certainly one of the most coveted and crowded tourist destinations among the many that Tuscany has to offer, in both the low and high season. However, there is a fair number of tourists that travel to Tuscany without actually stopping in Florence.


We are here to tell you about some noteworthy pizzerias for those of you spending a few days in Tuscany either for leisure or for work, without actually passing through Florence.


In Versilia, one cannot fail to mention Pizzeria Apogeo owned by Massimo Giovannini and his wife Barbara. They have founded one of the first, if not the very first, gourmet pizzeria in Tuscany. Located in Pietrasanta (between the sea and the town, near the Versilia exit on the A12), the restaurant has an outdoor space for summer dinners and a large dining room on the upper floor. It can be fun to order the tasting menu where a series of different slices arrive in succession, great for sharing, or you can order selections from the menu that include creative pizzas and “revisited” classic pizzas.


A wood-fired oven with a rotating cooking top, kept at a temperature just above 300° C, compliments the great care taken in making the dough. Semi whole-wheat flour is used, hydrated at around 65% with a leavening time of 36 hours. During this period the dough is left both at room temperature and at a controlled temperature. There is a vast selection of toppings. There is also a varied selection in regards to wine and sparkling wine along with craft beers.


Making a reservation is always advisable, especially during the summer season.

Apogeo Pizzeria
Via Pisanica 136 (near the athletic field) Pietrasanta (Lu)


A great Neapolitan pizzeria in Versilia is owned by Gennaro Battiloro, who is from Torre del Greco and has set his roots in Versilia. His restaurant is located just inland from Forte dei Marmi. The establishment offers a beautiful summer garden, along with a large dining area. The wine and beer list are worthy of a restaurant, but particular care has been taken in the creation of the cocktail menu. The cocktails can creatively accompany the tasting experience. Two wood-fired ovens churn out Neapolitan-style pizzas in the most classic versions (the margherita and marinara never disappoint) and others with carefully selected modern toppings like prosciutto cotto from San Giovanni, nduja from Spilinga and Cantabrian anchovies.

The dough is soft, excellently leavened and well-hydrated. This allows the traditionalists, who like to eat their pizza folded like a book, to feel right at home. As if this were not enough, you can spoil yourself with typical Neapolitan fried delicacies including rice balls, croquette, and pasta frittata.


BATTIL’ORO – fuochi + lieviti + spiriti

Via Asilo, 54, 55047 Querceta LU



Moving on to the Sienese area, we would like to mention an establishment known for their expertise in making dough, their high-quality toppings and their careful sourcing of ingredients. At La Pergola, the products are “km zero” (organic and locally sourced). The establishment is also a member of Slow Food Chefs and the AIRO oil Alliance (the International Restaurant Oil Association).

Tommaso Vatti is the pizza chef, Federico, a wine expert, is responsible for the dining area and he is assisted by Silvia and her parents Mauro and Velia who manage the kitchen. The outdoor space overlooking the surrounding valleys is remarkable, and offers an enchanting view. Here the menu focuses on pizza tasting – it arrives at the table already cut into wedges – which gives you the opportunity to try more combinations in the same evening, thus travelling on a true and complete journey of flavor. The doughs are prepared exclusively with type 1 flour, stone milled whole wheat grain, and a sourdough starter.


Trattoria Pizzeria La Pergola
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 22
53030 Radicondoli SI

For our last stop, we move from the Sienese area towards Florence; in the Chianti area to be precise. Paolo Pannacci, a pizza chef from a very young age, started his carrier in the establishment Lo Spela Pizzeria in Greve, Chianti. In 2000 he also became its owner. He continuously furthers his research into the types of flour and dough, leavening methods and selection of the best raw materials. The pizza at Lo Spela is characterized by the use of semi-whole wheat type 1, hemp, and spelled four, all stone-milled with a sourdough starter and with a minimum of 30 hours leaving and fermentation. What also characterizes this establishment are the unconventional products used which take into account both the flavor and the nutritional impact of the pizza. Particular attention has been given to the oil given that it is an establishment that is recognized by AIRO (the International Restaurant Oil Association).

Pizzeria Lo Spela
Via di Poneta, 44

50022 Greve In Chianti FI