Pizza Studio Tamaki


Opened in March 2017, this small pizzeria is located in a tranquil little street in the Minato Ku (or Minato City) district of Tokyo. The oven, designed by Mr. Tamaki to be lower than the traditional Neapolitan ovens, was designed by Yamamiya Kamado Kogyosho, who realized this incredible oven just for Pizza Studio Tamaki, before realizing the dreams of aspiring pizza chefs all over Asia. Tsubasa Tamaki trained under the guidance of the Japanese pizza chef Susumu Kakinuma, a pioneer of the Neapolitan pizza in Tokyo and owner of the Seirinkan restaurant. The research into the ingredients is at the heart of his work; tomatoes and mozzarella come directly from Italy as do some of the other irreplicable ingredients such as the nduja. Other ingredients such as the basil are local. The salt, for example, comes from Okinawa, where the chef was born.

To accompany the pizza, there is a nice selection of Italian wines such as the Dolcetto d’Alba, the Barolo, the Primitivo and the Salice Salentino…

To conclude there is a small selection of desserts- all of which are Italian; the ever-present panna cotta and the gelato.


by Maria Pranzo