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L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

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stile: Napoletano

Possibly the most famous Neapolitan pizzeria in the world with a history dating back over 150 years. A tourist attraction as well as a “Mecca” for pizza lovers. Do you remember Julia Roberts biting into a mouth-watering slice of pizza as she recited “… a margherita pizza in Naples, it’s a moral duty to have one”? She was sitting at a table in this pizzeria of untarnished appeal. At Da Michele, time seems to stand still and, as the world goes round outside, here everything remains unchanged and authentic. The experience itself is out of the ordinary: you share a table with the other customers and the service is extremely basic. What makes people enter this venue is the sole desire to enjoy a superb pizza, shaped like a cartwheel and larger than the plate it sits on, made from soft thin dough. Two types of pizza are available: margherita and marinara. Order them both. They melt in the mouth and the taste of the pizza dough is unique and unmistakable, archaic, flavour-packed, long and deep. No one can talk of pizza or claim to be a pizza lover without having been here at least once, the most iconic pizzeria of Naples.

average price:
da 10€ a 15€
Via Cesare Sersale, 1, Napoli, 80139 NA, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperti a pranzo e a cena

closing day: Domenica
varabile - 2 settimane ad agosto
telephone 081 5539204
not to be missed: Margherita
wine list: Non presente
beer list Non presente
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: no
air conditioning
take-away pizza

pets allowed

accepted payment methods: