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Pizzeria Starita a Materdei

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stile: Napoletano

In the Materdei quarter, stands one of the oldest pizzerias of Naples, which has always been one of the most renowned and popular in the city. Down through the years, the Starita family has successfully adapted to changing tastes. Today, it is a modern venue served by an extremely rapid and courteous staff and everything is perfectly clean and tidy. On the days when the venue is particularly crowded, customers await their turn outside where, in the winter, outdoor heaters make the wait more comfortable. Friendly and ironic, Don Antonio always has a quip or anecdote on the tip of his tongue to greet customers with. The menu offers some delicious fried specialities and the fried pizza is tasty and never too greasy. Crocchè (crochette) is delightful but of all the fried foods, the arancino filled with white meat sauce wins hands down. The pizza is large and soft, with the authentic flavour of tradition. There is a vast assortment of pizza toppings ranging from the traditional versions to those which have become modern classics, such as sausage and fried turnip tops. A not-to-be missed speciality are the angioletti, a sort of morsel of fried pizza dough topped with cherry tomatoes and rocket in the savoury version and with generous helpings of hazelnut or pistachio cream for the more sweet-toothed. We also recommend a visit to the New York and Milan venues.

average price:
da 8€ a 15€
Via Materdei, 27/28, Napoli, 80136 NA, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperto a pranzo e a cena

closing day: Lunedì
2 settimane ad agosto
telephone 081 5573682
not to be missed: Marinara alla Starita
wine list: Non presente
beer list Eccellente (oltre 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: si
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
take-away pizza

pets allowed

accepted payment methods: