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Antica Hosteria Al Borgo 1964

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stile: Italiano

The pizzeria al Borgo 1964 is, probably, among the few in Italy where there are two professional sommeliers which advise the best pizza-wine pairings (more than one hundred labels on the menu) or with beer (more than 50). Also Stefano Miozzo, recent world champion of the classic pizza, is unique. He is so precise that he built his own oven where he bakes his pizzas. He is one of the prophets of the evolution of the pizza towards gourmet cooking. He creates gourmet pizzas with consultation from the chef Mida Muzzolon of the Tenuta San Martino in Legnano. The two discuss the balance of the flavours, and the harmony and quality of the ingredients. Miozzos research on yeasts and flours is never ending. At Al Borgo the gourmet pizzas are “sculptures” to good taste. We recommend the On Air with salmon smoked by Miozzo himself, the Cuore di Candabrico, the pizza with fresh tartufo. You must not miss the pizza of the which won the world championship: The Cortile dei Noni, Amarone dough with fois gras, Treviso chicory and pigeon breast.

average price:
Da 10€ a 20€
pizza chef:

Stefano Miozzo

Via Palesella, 47, Cerea, VR, Italia
Aperto a pranzo e a cena, il martedì solo a pranzo

closing day: Mai
telephone 044280027
not to be missed: Il cortile dei nonni
wine list: Eccellente (oltre 30)
beer list Eccellente (oltre 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: si
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

take-away pizza

pets allowed

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