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Bistrot Dolomieu

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stile: Italiano

Dinning at the Bistrot Dolomieu is a journey among the flavours and cullinary traditions of Trentino. The attention that Filippo Crippo has put in to each detail of his dishes and his pizzas is on the limit of becoming obsessive. His famous schiaccia amazes and astounds for its incredible balance among the flavours. He opted for two typologies that are diametrically opposed by design to achieve the result, without disappointing, it instead enraptures.
The most “classic” proposal with tomato, burrata, confit cherry tomatoes, basil and anchovies reassures the more traditional palates. The schiaccia with char, pumkin seeds, lemon juice and oranges instead satisfies the more adventurous in search of novelty and quality.
It is almost a duty, for whomever considers him or herself as a true pizza enthusiast, to try the Bistrot Dolomieu.
The establishment is well-kept and welcoming, with an exquisite and well-prepared staff considering the tourist destination in which it is located: Andalo on the plateau of the Paganella.

average price:
Da 8€ a 12€
pizza chef:

Filippo Crippa

Via Ponte Lambin, 4, Andalo, TN, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperti a pranzo e cena

closing day: Mai
Locale aperto in stagione turistica
telephone 0461 585952
not to be missed: Schiaccia al salmerino
wine list: Presente (fino a 10)
beer list Presente (fino a 5)
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

take-away pizza

pets allowed only small

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