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Pizzeria Apogeo

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Apogeo in Pietrasanta (situated between the sea and the town, extremely close to the Versilia castle on the A12) was one of the first, if not the first, among the Tuscan gourmet pizzerias. It has been 10 years now since Massimo Giovannini, “young man” born in 1967, opened his pizzeria together with his wife Barbara. The establishment has an outdoor area for summer dinners and a large dinning room on the upper level. This year the menu has been revolutionized: goodbye to the antipasti, and finally there is the arrival of a tasting menu which gives the possibility of trying five different pizzas in succession. There are still two sections of the menu where the creative pizzas and the “revisited” classics are listed. Among the creative options, “Napoli a modo nostro” is excellent. What makes the difference however, in the Pietrasantino establishment, is the care that is dedicated to the doughs and the ingredients for the toppings: mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic are all of excellent quality and come from trustworthy producers. Ample choice both for wines and sparkling wines and craft beer. We recommend phoning for a reservation, especially during the summer season.

average price:
Da 15€ a 25€
pizza chef:

Massimo Giovannini

Via Pisanica, 136, Pietrasanta, 55045 LU, Italia
Aperto a cena

closing day: Martedì
Variabili (non in estate)
telephone 0584 793394
not to be missed: Napoli a modo nostro
wine list: Eccellente (oltre 30)
beer list Eccellente (oltre 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: no
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi


pets allowed

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