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Pizzeria Da AlbertPizzeria Da Albert

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stile: Italiano

The establishment is very well-kept and neat down to the last detail. The kitchen is in sight and one can observe the professionalism of each staff member. The wait staff is accommodating and particularly attentive, always willing to satisfy any request from the patrons. The dining area, in a modern style, is very well-lit and airy. The “Friendship Table” is a good idea, where you can interact with other people. The pizza, as with the rest of the dishes, is made by the book. The ingredients are of the highest quality, a fragrant dough which is soft and, at the same time, digestible and well-baked. One notices a particular attention given to the quality of the food and the treatment of the patrons. Even the manager is very present among the tables and is extremely prepared. The pizzeria is in the heart of Trento a few steps from the Duomo and conveniently reachable by public transport.

average price:
Da 10€ a 15€
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 15, 38122 Trento TN, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperto a pranzo e a cena, il sabato solo a cena

closing day: Domenica
1 settimana tra Natale e Capodanno e 2 settimane ad agosto
telephone 0461 260094 - 340 063 70 66
wine list: Non presente
beer list Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: no
suitable for people with mobility difficulties

take-away pizza

pets allowed

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