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Pizzeria Starita a Materdei

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premio speciale:
Frittatina di Pasta dell'anno
Premio Pastificio Di Martino Frittatina di Pasta dell’anno:

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stile: Napoletano

Don Antonio Starita combines history and the present day in this pizzeria; his premises are respectful of tradition, but also modern. The pizza fully expresses the history of the most popular food in Naples: it is big, thinly spread, the crust just pronounced; the pasta soft and doughy, welcomes the topping made from top quality ingredients, generous in quantity and seasoning, faithful to the memory of a dish born to feed the people. The modernity though is declined in a careful and very well-organized service which helps and runs with competence the queues and rooms on the days and in the hours of major attendance.
The fried offerings, particularly the pasta frittatina, are well done, dry and flavourful, preparing you well for the meal which can be enriched with the famous pasta angels, fried in the salted version with cherry tomatoes and rocket, or in the sweet version with hazelnut or pistachio sauce. The environment is cosy and well-kept; the atmosphere is pleasing. Prize for the best pasta frittatina of the year 2018.

average price:
Da 8€ a 12€
pizza chef:

Antonio Starita

Via Materdei, 27/28, Napoli, 80136 NA, Italia
accessible by public transport
Aperto a pranzo e a cena

closing day: Lunedì
2 settimane centrali ad agosto
telephone 081 5573682
not to be missed: Casereccia
wine list: Di pregio (da 11 a 30)
beer list Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza: no
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
take-away pizza

pets allowed

accepted payment methods: