Bella Napoli – Tramonti

Da non perdere

At Piacenza, in Via Emilia Pace, there are two pizzerias almost right in front of each other, and they belong to the same family and are named Bella Napoli and Tramonti (Previously Bella Napoli 2), respectively. Even the dough is the same, however it is obvious that the preparation and the cuisine are prepared within each separate restaurant. During our visit, Bella Napoli was closed for a festivity and a sign in front of the establishment suggested that we try the other restaurant. We found a rich menu, with a wide choice of pizzas, wines, beers and other dishes. Perfect leavening: the Tramonti pizza has all the virtues of the Neapolitan pizza without its defects (or at least those found in the north). Admirable lightness and delicate flavors.