Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020
Latteria Sorrentina Award

Big Mamma

Imagine putting two Parisian businesspeople, Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydouxe together with a Neopolitan chef, Ciro Cristiano.  This strange mix has produced one of the largest “war machines” of quality pizza in the world.  The chain, in fact, counts more than 1400 employees and twelve locations at the moment, from Paris to Lille, Lione, and London.  They offer fresh pasta, desserts, gelatos, an excellent eggplant parmesan, but especially a great pizza.  Every location is unique, and has its own identity and style.  In Paris, for example, at Ober Mamma in 107 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, you find yourself pleasantly immersed in green.  Instead, at the Pizzeria Popolare at 111 Rue Rèaumur, famous or its waiting lines and working-class prices, just like in Naples, you will find a location where the walls are made of Italian alcohol and beverage bottles.  Since 2019 the chain has also offered pizza by-the-slice.  Inside the “La Felicità,” there is an immense food market that is 4,500 meters long in the heart of Paris.  The common feature in all of the locations is a love for Italy, its product and its pizzas.