Pizzerie Eccellenti 2020

Borgo Vecchio

Marcello De Vitis is one of those pizza chefs perpetually in action, always in search of perfection, improving his product, and surprising the patrons with new proposals. It is not easy to stay ahead in this small village in the south of Salento, away from the big crowds.  Yet, here, it is always best that you book in advance and be sure to arrive on time to avoid seeing your table given to another client due to your tardiness. The outdoor spaces have been doubled to allow for better spacing and disposable paper menus are used where you can select 70 out of the 180 pizzas that were initially offered. From indirect doughs, De Vitis moved on to gelatinization, which guarantees more intense aromas, hydration and lightness.  They are always matured for at least 76 hours. You can choose between fried pizza or pizza served on the cutting board, similar to the Roman pinza but made with type 1 organic flour, classic pizzas and the calzone, small crispy 200 gram single portions which have a real crunch from the first to the last bite, a real delight.


Via Roma, 35, Miggiano, LE, Italia

3245608362 - 3289671442
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