Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020
Latteria Sorrentina Award

Da Michele

Da Michele in Forcella is certainly the most well-known Italian establishment in the world.  There is the legendary margherita and marinara and nothing else, if not a line to get in and enjoy the ancestral flavor of the Neapolitan pizza.  The project Michele In The World was created and involved the cousins Daniela and Alessandro Condurro.  At the moment there are no less than 17 establishments open in Italy (Milan, Rome, and Palermo besides Naples) and abroad.  Locations are found in London, Los Angeles, Dubai and Japan, the first foreign country to replicate the formula.  Other openings have been planned, but progress has been set back due to the pandemic.  Every location uses the same suppliers, from the flours to the tomatoes to the wine.  The same formula is used, which is based on simplicity, and is slightly retouched with a remodeled variant that fits the local culture at each location.  It is a chain with a strong identity.  On the whole it plays its cards looking towards the future, but with a firm stance in its own history.