Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020
Latteria Sorrentina Award

Da Zero

This venture began in Vallo della Lucania in 2014, in the hometown of the founders Paolo De Simone, Giuseppe Bocca and Carmine Mainenti.  The idea was to bring the incredible biodiversity from Cilento onto a pizza made in the Neapolitan style.  Cilento is a southern sub-region of Campania where the physician Ancel Keys lived for over 40 years and defined the concept of the Mediterranean Diet.  Since its opening, the model has been replicated in Milan, one of the three branches that also has a bit of traditional cuisine, and in Turin and Matera.  The enormous success is thanks to their ability to train the staff and to their solid relationships with the local producers, from the oils to the wines, the dairy products and the produce.  The pizza is well-leavened and melty, there are many seasonal versions, and level of quality is always very high.  These are the ingredients for its success both with critics and the public.  The artisan heart of their work is never sacrificed in favor of speed or homogenization.  On the whole, pizza and territory yes, but cuoncio cuoncio (all in due time).