Pizzerie Eccellenti 2020

Decimo Scalo

The atmosphere in this establishment is cozy and familiar. One could almost define it as a love nest, considering that when we visited, Vittorio Vespignani and his wife Maria, who carefully takes care of the dining room, had just recently returned from their honeymoon. The meaning of the name of the establishment, “scalo” (stop-over), is intended as a starting point and not as a destination. The dough is soft, fragrant and delicate. The toppings are delicious and abundant sometimes just on the edge of not seeming well-balanced. When the distribution of the toppings is well-measured then success is assured. This is true for the pizza Doc Rivisitata, which is a Margherita with a hint of San Marzano tomatoes accompanied by semi-sun dried tomatoes that create a crescendo of flavors that only enhances the great quality of the tomatoes (or also known as red gold). The Mezza Chiena pizza is a fun idea; it is a hybrid, half pizza and half stuffed pizza. The stuffing is made with mashed potatoes, smoked provola, crispy bacon and a semi-spicy sauce. The pizza Napoletana Ieri & Oggi teases the imagination with tomatoes of different colors and textures, and a selection of products that takes you up and down the Mediterranean.



Via Sant'Agostino, 10, 81100 Caserta, CE, Italia

accessible by public transport
0823 187 0201
wine list:
Presente (fino a 10)
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Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
Gluten Free
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air conditioning
free wifi

take-away pizza

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