Pizzerie Eccellenti 2020

Fà Fümme

The historic center of Albenga has been restored and is well-maintained thanks to the correct and effective politics of the latest administrations.  It is characterized by the numerous historic ruins.  In the little piazzas there are a good number of locales, some of which have been recently opened, and a crowded, lively night life.  The Fa Fumme pizzeria is located in Piazza delle Erbe, not far from the town hall.  It is a curious name.  “Fai Fumo” in the local dialect also has a second meaning.  It is to make fun of those who know how to present themselves well, sometimes too well.  In this case, however, beyond the fumo (smoke) we also have the roast.  You can enjoy a well-made pizza surrounded by an unusual décor that illustrates the urban Ligurian landscape, with reproductions of very realistic characteristic buildings.  The doughs and bakings are curated and the ingredients are good quality.  The service is solicitous and kind.  In summer outdoor dining is available in a pleasant and cordial atmosphere, far from the noise of the city traffic.  It is definitely worth a visit.


Piazza delle Erbe, 6, 17031 Albenga, SV, Italia

accessible by public transport
wine list:
Presente (fino a 10)
beer list:
Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
Gluten Free
gluten free pizza:
suitable for people with mobility difficulties

take-away pizza

pets allowed

accepted payment methods: