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In the heart of the city, this pizzeria founded by Tanka Sapkota is an undisputed landmark. Though born in Nepal, Sapkota is gastronomically Italian by adoption.   After opening and establishing a restaurant, he decided to launch this pizzeria. It is small and elegant, with a real golden oven.  He claims to be a member of AVPN (The True Neapolitan Pizza Association). Therefore, digestible pizzas which melt in the mouth are made in the Neapolitan tradition here.  There is some contamination in the starters or even in the proposals themselves, but the margherita is truly superlative.  It is made with quality products directly from Campania.

There is excellent service, a good wine list and great attention given to the beer. During the emergency the pizzeria did not close.  Rather it became a leading participant in a long series of solidarity initiatives for individuals in economic and nutritional difficulty.

pizza chef:

Tanka Sapkota

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