Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020
Latteria Sorrentina Award

Fra Diavolo

This chain was founded in May of 2018 as a group initiative by Mauro D’Errico, Gianlucalberto Lotta, Paolo Tranchida and Luciano Monosilio.  Their first priority was to develop the “Fra Diavolo” brand of pizzerias which had been founded by Paolo Tranchida 5 years previously.  He had opened 3 pizzerias in Diano, Alassio and in Alba.  The chain acquired the brand and opened its first pizzeria in Genova in August of 2018.  From that moment onwards there has been continual expansion from Turin to Milan, and now eleven of their classic Neapolitan style pizzerias are open.  Beyond the classics, there is wide range of seasonal selections.  For decisions regarding the toppings, chef Luciano Monosilio collaborates with the group.  He is also responsible for the kitchen in the other locations in this chain.  There is a wide selection of beer and a good selection of wines.  There is a meticulous selection of the products used, and the most important originate from Campania.  The service is attentive and professional.