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Guillaume Grasso La vera Pizza Napoletana

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Even though this establishment is located an outlying quarter, reservations are always necessary.  It is a newly-designed pizzeria which cheerfully welcomes its clients. Guillaume Grasso’s pizzas are thin, soft and melt in your mouth, with a light crustiness. The crusts are rounded but not excessively so, because as Guillaume enthusiastically explains, the real Neapolitan pizza, if you want to respect the tradition, has a crust which is no more than 2 centimeters.  He comes from a long line of pizza chefs, first in Naples, then in France, where in the 60s they were forerunners and trained an infinite number of pizza chefs. A must is the “Don Vincenzo,” dedicated to his grandfather from whom he learnt the craft.   It is an unusual pizza because it is topped with 30 grams of caviar that is specially selected to resist the high temperature of the pizza just out of the oven.

pizza chef:

Guillaume Grasso

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Presente (fino a 10)
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Presente (fino a 5)