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La Balmesina

Here we are in the city center, and the establishment is easily accessible. The atmosphere is informal and youthful. The concentration is all on the quality of the dough, made with a sourdough starter and organic flour, with a variation using spelt flour. The pizza is in the classic round Neapolitan shape, however there is a difference:   even with the classic pizzas, the pizza disc plays a dominant role. There are not only round pizzas: there are also pizzas in pala on offer, usually for two people. In short, it is a place for gourmet pizzas made with attention paid to the ingredients, many of which are imported from Italy, at least the main ones. As far as the beverages are concerned, they offer mainly a few famous beer labels. The service is excellent, as is the takeaway service.

pizza chef:

Massimo Morbi

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