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Oro di Napoli

This is a corner of Neapolitan paradise in the Canary Islands.  We are in Los Cristianos, a nightlife hotspot in the southern part of the island of Tenerife. This small, well-cared for establishment also has outdoor tables in one of the alleys which leads down to the harbour. As its name suggests, it is the film which starred Sofia Loren that is the theme for the pizzeria’s décor, and photos depicting various scenes from the film adorn the walls. Neapolitan blue is predominant in the interior, and the management has been Neapolitan for many years. Today it is a landmark not only for the Italians who visit the Canaries but also for many tourists and the residents. Their success is also due to a good organization and the hospitality of a young and capable staff. Here you can eat a contemporary Neapolitan pizza. Luigi’s dough is soft, aromatic and digestible. At first glance it is thin with a high crust, an enticing dish which immediately puts you in a good mood. You can also find excellent fried goods, such as the classic arancino di riso made in the Neapolitan tradition, and some pasta-based dishes from the kitchen. Almost all of the ingredients come from Italy. Among the specials we recommend the pizza with Neapolitan ragù and the stuffed calzone. There is also a good selection of fried pizzas. A nice list of beers completes an Italian-styled evening.

pizza chef:

Antonio Di Guida

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