Pizzeria Condurro Fuorigrotta

Da non perdere

In the district of Fuorigrotta, where the pizza phenomenon is in full swing, the Condurro family works to maintain high-quality standards. They are best known for their wagon weel-sized pizza. The establishment is now run by the grandchildren of Michele. Michele is known as the pizza-chef who made history in the city center with the marianaraand the margherita. The pizzeria offers a vast selection of flavors as per tradition. We recommend you try the fried delicacies; they are well executed and made according to the Neapolitan recipe.  The pizza here extends over the perimeter of your plate and is presented in its finest form. The pizza is well-leavened and seasoned with quality toppings. You can also request extra mozzarella. In a new venue, with outside seating, a note of merit goes to the organized, professional and fast service.