Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020
Latteria Sorrentina Award


Renato Bosco is one of the main protagonists in the Italian pizza revolution.  He began in San Martino Buon’Albergo, went on to Verona, and then continued steadily with other openings.  He is the King of the Crunch, a feature which is obtained with refined workmanship techniques.  His reputation has also been solidified thanks to his incredible skill in combining the toppings on his pizzas.  It begins with a meticulous research into the quality of the materials, which is never compromised, and ends with his innate sense of flavor.  Enjoying a tasting menu in one of his establishments is always a lovely experience.  He has a deep commitment to ongoing training and education.  Whether for a simple takeaway or pizza served at the table, the staff is always kind, prepared and motivated.  There is a wide selection of beverages.  It is a formula that has been replicated at a high level, at precisely the same standards that are upheld at the flagship location.  When they are available, do not miss the other baked goods, which are Renato Bosco’s great passion.