Pizzerie Eccellenti 2021

Al Lampione

The historic pizzeria Al Lampione is found in Gorizia.  It was opened in 1982 and has a lovely summer garden.  On the menu you will find a variety of delicious pizzas, prepared exclusively with mother yeast and long leavening times.  There are also a variety of doughs available:  wholewheat, barley, seven grains or carbon.  We found the Trasteverina to be excellent.  The mozzarella is enriched by a cream of cacio e pepe and wild field chicory is then placed on top.  We also recommend trying the “Panizza,” a type of bread made to order and then stuffed with quality ingredients.  One example is the Friulano with red radish, Pezzata Rossa Fruilian hamburger, crunchy speck and a fondue of Montasio.  This establishment also boasts a laboratory dedicated to creating gluten-free options with a selection of tailor-made doughs.


Al Lampione Gorizia, Via Silvio Pellico, 7, 34170 Gorizia, GO, Italia

0481 32780
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Risorsa 16