Da Michele

1° 50 Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2022

Here you’ll find the classical cartwheel pizza that is conquering the world. The Condurro family has always managed this famous pizzeria in Via Cesare Sersale in Naples. In recent years it has launched its own brand to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the archetype of the par excellence Neapolitan pizza. Their franchising brings together different pizzerias with different aesthetics. But on the plate, you’ll find the same suppliers of the original pizza from Naples where it all began. In each location, it is possible to eat the same type of pizza thanks to the excellent training that has been carried out. The prices change based on the area of the world in which the chain is located. In each location, we recommend not missing out on the Margherita and Marinara which are the distinctive feature of the history of the brand.


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