De Superette

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This venue is located on the outskirts of Ghent.  As you enter you will be greeted by shelves full of bread that has been named among the best in Belgium.  You will also notice many types of sweets. Then towards the back there is an open kitchen and a wood fire oven, both clearly visible from comfortable seats located even at the counter. The pizza maker Sarah Lemke, an American native from Michigan, is the owner along with the Flemish chef Kobe Desramaults, famous for his creative local cuisine. At Superette everything is organic, the flour is produced from local grains and is made in nearby traditional windmills, and the yeast is also natural. The pizza is served cut into four wedges, ready to be savoured with your hands or to be shared with others. The venue is also a restaurant so there is no shortage of good appetizers and desserts. There is of course a good beer selection, but also a small list of sought-after wines often produced from rare native vineyards. Pizza workshops are also regularly organized.

pizza chef/owner:

Sarah Lemke

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accessible by public transport
Aperto a cena

closing day: lunedì; martedì; mercoledì
+32 9 278 08 08
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