Majstor I Margarita

35° 50 Top Pizza Europa 2022

Not far from one of the bends of the river Danube, this small and welcoming location bakes one of the best pizzas in all of Serbia. The disk is thin, the dough has the perfect moistness, and the crust is a bit pronounced; this all makes for a great pizza. The Porcini and pepper, the mortadella and pistachios, and the peasant, are some of the pizzas found on the menu in addition to the classic ones, of course. Almost all of the ingredients come from Italy and are of excellent quality. The capable waitstaff will immediately put you at ease, always ready to help you choose your pizza and the right drink from the menu, on which you can find some good bottles of wine or craft beers as well as an excellent gin and tonic. The place is often busy due to the great overall quality in combination to the prices that are in the city average; therefore, we advise you to always book in advance.

pizza chef/owner:

Nikola Marinković e Nikola Djordjević

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Aperto a pranzo e cena

+381 60 4808621
wine list:
Di pregio (da 11 a 30)
beer list:
Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
air conditioning
free wifi

take-away pizza



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