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What immediately impresses here is the energy that impregnates every centimeter of this little gem, Vincenzo Onnembo’s pizzeria.  He never lost courage during these past challenging months, and he has continued to bake excellent pizzas for his patrons by creating a line of frozen pizza and then pizza a portafoglio (folded wallet-style) that can be eaten on the street.  Fortunately, at the end of June what had become a laboratory returned to its original format:  a restaurant that is well-loved by pizza enthusiasts.  They include both Italians and Dutch, who in past years have become ever more passionate about the culture of pizza.  Nowadays, just like the Neapolitans, the Dutch are not adverse to beginning their meal with a delicious frittata di pasta (fried pasta).

pizza chef:

Vincenzo Onnembo

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Aperto a cena dal martedì al venerdì; sabato e domenica pranzo e cena

closing day: lunedì
+31 20 362 0834



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