Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

5° - Pizza Pilgrims

Thom and James Elliot started selling pizzas in their Ape car. During their trip back to pick up their three-wheeler in Calabria, they embarked on a journey which then brought them back to London, through Italy’s pizzas. After discovering products and pizza makers in Italy they began to bake pizzas in their Ape. This was an unstoppable success founded on quality products, with excellent ingredients that are mostly Italian sourced. They then opened one pizzeria after another, conquering the English market thanks to their pizzas. But also thanks to their youthful, informal and fast service. Even the beer and wine (the wine is served per glass, with usually 4-5 different selections) are made in Italy. The cocktail proposals are excellent with the inevitable Spritz always present on the menu.