Sartoria Panatieri

21° 50 Top Pizza World 2022

Best Format 2022
Birrificio Fratelli Perrella Award

5° 50 Top Pizza Europa 2022

Cantabrian anchovies, tomato,
escarole and kalama olive puree

Pizza of the Year 2022
Latteria Sorrentina Award

Jorge Sastre grew up in Carabanchel, Madrid, and Rafa Panatieri, of Italian origins, is from Brazil. They met and became friends at their working place, the Roca Moo, and this encounter was what made it possible for them to pursue their mutual dream: starting a business in Barcelona. In 2018 they gave life to their creation: Sartoria Panatieri. The pizzas use a dough made from local organic flours; the leavening is slow, 48 hours first, and then an additional 12 hours after the pizza dough is cut in smaller dough loaves for the individual pizzas. It’s a product full of ‘personality’, which differs from the Neapolitan tradition: well leavened and fragrant, this dough is like a dish that welcomes the topping, which is often elaborate but always balanced. The pizzas are topped by chefs’ capable hands and it really shows. The combinations are never trivial; for example, the addition of raw escarole on the marinara with anchovies is brilliant (Cantabrian anchovies, tomato, raw escarole, and black olives). The venue’s design is minimal, there is a cheerful atmosphere and a lot of attention is paid in every phase of preparation, starting with the choice of the raw materials which are all local and often organic. Their motto is: “dalla fattoria alla pizza” (from farm to pizza).

pizza chef/owner:

Rafa Panatieri e Jorge Sastre

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accessible by public transport
Aperto a pranzo e cena dal mercoledì alla domenica

closing day: lunedì; martedì
+34 931 37 63 85
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