Sartoria Panatieri

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Pizza of the Year 2023
Latteria Sorrentina Award
Salsa de tomates cherry asados, mozzarella y holandesa de albahaca

The leap from a chef to a pizza chef is not long, at least for Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre. Previously an old tailor’s shop in the heart of Barcelona it has now become their creative laboratory. A lot of attention is put into the raw materials which are almost always local or coming from a partnering farm. Their motto is “ from the farm to the pizza” and it’s not just a saying but a way of being and understanding gastronomy. The surroundings are minimal and there is a cheerful atmosphere. A lot of care is put into each stage of preparation such as the excellent homemade cured meats. The dough is left to leaven slowly for 48 hours as a whole and then another 12 hours as single dough portions. It is a product full of personality and the pizza toppings are always balanced. We suggest you try the “salsa de tomates cherry asados, and mozzarella y holandesa de albahaca” really worth it. The drink proposals are also original.

pizza chef/owner:

Rafa Panatieri e Jorge Sastre

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A pranzo Lunedì a Giovedì / 13:00h-15:30h Venerdì a Domenica / 13:00h-16:00h; Cena da luendì a domenica / 20:00h-23:00h

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Di pregio (da 6 a 10)
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