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“Surt,” which is the Danish word for “acid”, is the main “ingredient” that characterizes this pizzeria. Giuseppe Oliva, or “Peppe”, takes the experience he gained in his family bakery and as the pizza chef at Bæst, to a completely different level.

The famous sourdough at Surt is leavened for 30 to 35 hours, and the toppings are a combination of both local and Italian organic produce.  You can choose to start your dining experience with a delicious selection of starters accompanied by tasty pickled greens.

If you come for lunch, besides their sour focaccia, you can choose the Sour Pie, a sourdough pie baked over charcoal in a tray.

The pizzeria is located in the heart of Carlsberg City, the famous birthplace to the internationally known Danish beer. The service is very friendly and laid back and you can choose from a wide selection of natural wines, beers, and also non-alcoholic drinks.

pizza chef/owner:

Giuseppe Oliva

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Aperto il mercoledì a cena; dal giovedì al sabato pranzo e cena

closing day: lunedì; martedì e domenica
+45 91 80 83 10
wine list:
Eccellente (oltre 30)
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suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

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