Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

20° - Yard Sale Pizza

With their six locations in London, this is the little yet great artisan chain that has obtained a plethora of awards, including Best Low-Cost Establishment in the English capital for quality.  It all began with a small artisan oven in 2014 which was followed by the opening of the second location in 2016 and then little by little all of the others were opened until they had reached a height of 200 employees before the pandemic.  Johnnie Take and Nick Buckland have very clear ideas:  the style is Neapolitan, but without necessarily being tied to tradition.  For this reason, the varieties of pizzas on offer follow seasonality and what small independent producers have on offer.  With much pride, the founders of this chain underscore that everything is made onsite, and that even takeout deliveries are done by the staff.  “We make it for you and we take it to you,” is the slogan.  Another aspect is the creation of a strong collaborative network with other pizzerias and their participation in an infinite number of exhibitions, media events and in charity work.  There is a great cultural verve that reverberates in the pizzas, starting with the classic margherita.