From 50 Top Pizza to 50 Top Italy: 2022 will be a landmark year for the 50 Top Rankings

The first Worldwide Ranking for Pizzerias is born








These are only some of the exciting changes for 50 TOP which recognizes the best restaurants and excellence both in Italy and around the world.

It will be an informative season which will showcase pastries, rosé wines and take-away pizza


The new season for 50 Top was presented at Dry Milano.  It is an editorial project created and curated by Barbara Guerra, Albert Sapere and Luciano Pignataro which in just a few years has become a respected resource for enogastronomy critics in Italy and beyond.

After two years in which the rankings were broadcast in streaming due to the pandemic, this season there will be a return to in-person events.  It will be a great opportunity for an enthusiastic new beginning for all of us.  Exciting news will enable us to celebrate 2022 as a landmark year for the international affirmation of the 50 TOP brand and its future.


50 TOP PIZZA WORLD – September, Naples gala event

For the first time in its history 50 TOP, which has been showcasing diversity in the pizza sector in all of its various styles since 2017, will have an official ranking for the best pizzerias in the world.  In fact, experts active in every corner of the planet will work to uncover the best of the best for the most-loved dish in the world:  pizza.  It is without a doubt a food that has become a symbol of the Italian gastronomic culture for the entire world.  “For us,”  affirm the 50 TOP curators, “creating this particular ranking was one of the first objectives we set out to achieve after having laid the initial groundwork in Italy.  It is a very important challenge to which we are deeply committed and that we know will bring great us satisfaction.  There is truly a high standard of professionalism in the area which will be assessed and we are certain that we will be able to showcase the best of the best to continue to be a reference point for all food enthusiasts.”


50 Top Pizza 2022 Edition

50 Top Pizza is a network that showcases the extraordinary pizza movement occurring around the world.  The rankings found in our guide represent the current state of affairs in this sector annually.  Since 2017 the network has been reflecting the diversity found in the pizza sector and in all of its styles in every corner of the 5 continents.

“We are extremely proud of the progress we have made with the project over the years; the guide has become important for both pizza chefs and the consumer alike,” state the 50 TOP curators.  “Its strength is, without a doubt, its accessibility:  all of the 50 TOP guides are completely free, translated into English, and integrated with a geolocation feature. The guides’ immediacy is also essential:  all of the 50 TOP guides are consultable online and this allows the reader to be completely up-to-date in real time with information about the venues.  The method of assessment which is used is also an essential element.  Our panels are made up of gastronomic experts who are particularly adept in the enogastronomy sector.  They are bound by an agreement of secrecy and anonymity, both when completing their questionnaires that are used to create the rankings and also during their visits to the venues where the bill is always paid in full.  50 Top Pizza is committed to creating a detailed guide despite the challenges created by the current pandemic that we face.  This hurdle has been overcome through the use of new local coordinators to individuate all of the best pizzerias without leaving anyone behind.  The rankings, which we are working on with unrelenting dedication, will be revealed soon during a series of events in major cities such as Milan, Madrid, New York, Bangkok and Naples.”   

There will also be a ranking for the best “pizze in viaggio” in Italy, in which the best by-the slice and take-away pizzerias in the Bel Paese will be recognized.


Our 2022 Calendar of Events

The awards ceremonies will be held as follows:

• May 12th: 50 Top Europe – Teatro San Babila, Milan

• June 10th-15th: 50 Top USA – Chelsea Market, New York

• July 26th: 50 Top Pizza Italy – Teatro Mercadante, Naples

• August: 50 Top Asia-Pacific – online awards ceremony

• September: 50 Top Pizza World – Naples

• End of November: Top World Artisan Pizza Chains and Congress- Madrid


50 TOP ASIA PACIFIC – August, streaming

Our 2022 edition will welcome many exciting new changes.  This includes the Asian region which continues to be one of the most interesting for 50 Top Pizza considering that over 150 hand-picked experts are working to give their votes to determine the best pizzerias in the continent.

The first exciting change regards the geographic delimitation of the area where 50 Top Pizza operates.  In fact, Asia, Japan and Oceania will no longer be separate, rather they will be considered a single area called the Asia Pacific Area.  This zone will include Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.


The Asia Pacific Area is growing rapidly and to ensure the most accurate assessment possible of the region, 50 Top Pizza has extended an official welcome to Vittoria Dell’Anna in her new role as Committee Head.  Dell’Anna has extensive experience in Asia both in gourmet cooking events and with the media in the region.  She will be assisted by 4 local coordinators.  They have been chosen from among the media, influencers and representatives of the food and beverage sector in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia.  These new roles aim to create a more structured team to better supervise the entire area, to reinforce our efforts on a local level and to contribute to the overall success of the ranking.


50 Top Italy 2023 Edition – October 10th 2022 Milan, Teatro San Babila December 19th 50 Top Italy World, streaming

50 Top Italy is an invaluable ranking; it is a much-anticipated important network used to communicate news concerning the extraordinary Italian cooking movement in restaurants the world over.  It is a map to good eating in Italy and in the world.  Above all, however, it is a guide designed for Italians and for the millions of tourists who visit our country or for whomever, generally speaking, is a lover of Italian cuisine.


The Best Italian Restaurants will be subdivided according to price range, with a section dedicated to the typologies of restaurant that are the most popular with the public at large:


• Trattorias – Osterias

• Gourmet Cooking

• Great Restaurants

• Ethnic restaurants

• Steak houses

• Innovative formats

• Panini (Sandwiches)

• Sushi

• Fish restaurants


The 50 Best Italian Restaurants in the World will be recognized during an event broadcast in streaming on December 19th, at the end of a year we hope will be remembered as a year of new beginnings and the rebirth of the enogastronomy sector.


50 Top Italy Luxury 2023 Edition – July 4th, ROME

The Best of Gourmet Hospitality in Italy:  Hotels, Relais, Charming Residences that have a high-standard restaurant and a food and beverage service.


50 Top Italy Pastry Shops 2023 Edition – November 7th, streaming

50 Top Italy Pastry Shops is a guide created to facilitate communication regarding the Pastry sector in Italy.  It is a map to the best establishments where the patron can find traditional sweets that are characteristic of Italy.

It is a very specific guide that reviews about 150 pastry shops which are divided by their specialty.


There will be 10 rankings from position number 1 to number 20 for 10 specific dessert products:

• TOP Babà

• TOP Sfogliatella

• TOP Cassata

• TOP Cannolo

• TOP Panettone

• TOP Chocolate Desserts

• TOP Tiramisù

• TOP Gelato

• TOP Torrone and Candied Almonds

• TOP Truffles


50 Top Italy Rosé 2022 Edition – June 7th, Castel dell’Ovo, Naples (during the VitignoItalia 2022 conference)

50 Top Italy Rosé is a guide created to showcase rosé wines, the sector that has shown the most growth after sparkling wines.  A ranking will be created for the 50 best still Italian rosé wines.



An essential element to sustain the 50 TOP rankings is the confirmation of our various partners who have believed in the 50 TOP project right from its initial inception, and also other prestigious brands who have decided to support 50 TOP beginning with the current edition.  For the first time, an international brand has entered into the 50 TOP family thanks to the support of Mammafiore.

Furthermore, starting this year, there will be a collaboration with Goeldlin, which will realize jackets for all of the 50 Top Pizza and 50 Top Italy rankings.


50 Top Pizza 2022 Partners

Birrificio Fratelli PerrellaConsorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOCFerrarelleRobo 1938Pastificio Di MartinoSolania Latteria SorrentinaOlitaliaMammafioreGoeldlin


50 Top Italy 2022 Partners

Birrificio Fratelli PerrellaConsorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOCFerrarelleD’AmicoPastificio dei Campi Mulino Caputo Latteria SorrentinaAltamura O.P.Goeldlin


50 Top Italy Luxury 2022 Partners

Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOCPastificio dei Campi Mulino Caputo Latteria SorrentinaCaffè BorboneFerrarelleBirrificio Fratelli PerrellaGoeldlin


50 Top Italy Pastry Shops 2022 Partners

Pastificio dei Campi Mulino Caputo Latteria SorrentinaCaffè BorboneFerrarelleBirrificio Fratelli PerrellaGoeldlin


50 Top Italy Rosé 2022 Partners

VinolokDS Glass



Another important part of the 50 TOP project are the contests that aim to showcase new talent.  The 2022 projects will touch on all of the different gastronomic sectors, from restaurants to pubs, to pastry shops to pizzerias in order to spotlight on our youngest professionals.


Dei Campi Pasta Award – in collaboration with Pastificio dei Campi. This is for young chefs, sous-chefs and station chefs that demonstrate their creative side through a personalized version of the contemporary Pasta al Pomodoro (pasta with tomato sauce) using the techniques and principles of gourmet cooking.


Caputo Bread Project – in collaboration with  Mulino Caputo. This is for young artisans and restaurant professionals (bakers and pastry chefs) specialized in leavened products who demonstrate their creativity through the production of a tasty, yet sustainable, round loaf of bread.


Italian Brunch  – in collaboration with Caffè Borbone. This is for young bakers and pastry chefs who demonstrate their creativity through a personal interpretation of the Italian Brunch paired with espresso.


Veggie Style – The other Side of the Panini – in collaboration con D’Amico. This is for young professionals in the restaurant sector (restaurants, pizzerias and panini shops) who demonstrate their creativity through the invention of a vegan panini that showcases the flavor and uniqueness of a vegan product.


Contest in collaboration with Latteria Sorrentina, which will involve by-the-slice pizzerias.


Contest in collaboration con Birrificio Fratelli Perrella, that will involve pubs.



Barbara Guerra
Dr. Guerra holds a PhD in Geographic Economics.  She has always been a gourmet food enthusiast, and she has combined her studies and love for enogastronomy with the creation of a model of territorial development through the design and organization of the gourmet cooking congress “Le strade della Mozzarella” with Albert Sapere.  Sommelier and Master of Cheese, she has always been determined to work in the South to valorize, promote and create awareness regarding the excellent raw materials from the Italian breadbasket.  She has been writing about food and her territory for over 10 years and she is co-curator of the 50 Top Pizza and 50 Top Italy online guides.


Albert Sapere
A native to Capaccio Paestum and long-time sommelier, Master of Cheese and Master of Oil, Mr. Sapere is co-creator, together with Barbara Guerra, of the international gourmet cooking congress “Le Strade della Mozzarella.”  He currently works in the restaurant sector, is the author of a famous restaurant guide, and a contributing author to the online fine-dining publication, Luciano Pignataro.  He is the creator of 50 Top Pizza, and a firm subscriber to the concept that pizza in Italy, at its highest level of standards, is similar to the NBA in basketball:  the Italian pizzerias play in an annual world championship, not only based on the talent of the master artisans, but also because Italy is the home of pizza and its accessory products.


Luciano Pignataro

Mr. Pignataro holds a degree in Philosophy and is a professional journalist.  He formerly worked as Senior Editor for the Mattino newspaper in Naples, where still today he works in the gastronomy sector and writes for the oldest wine review in a newspaper in Italy.  From 1998 to 2017 he collaborated with the Ristoranti di L’Espresso guide and was the southern coordinator for the final five years.  He has also been the supervisor for Campania and Basilicata for the Slow Wine foundation since its inception in 2018.  His website,, created in 2004, is one of the most popular in Italy for the enogastronomic sector.  He is an adjunct professor for the Department of Agriculture and has curated a video course about pizza with Federica Web Learning.  He has written numerous books and guides.  His most recent pubblications include La Pizza (Hoepli) and Il Metodo Cilento (Mondadori).

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