50TopPizza 2022: The legendary ranking that rewards the best pizzerias in Italy and in the World is about to return

50TopPizza 2022: The legendary ranking is about to return
New this year: 50 Top Pizza Asia new area organization

 50 Top Pizza 2022:

The legendary ranking that rewards the best pizzerias in Italy and in the World is about to return


The names of the preliminary winners will be revealed in may with glamourous worldwide events in Milan, Madrid, New York, Bangkok and the grand finale in Naples

 Vittoria Dell’Anna, together with 4 local coordinators, has been appointed as panel lead for the Asia Pacific Region


It’s almost that time of the year again! Pizza lovers and pizza chefs worldwide tremble waiting for the 50 Top Pizza ranking to go live. The work has already begun and gastronomy specialists are out visiting the best pizzerias in Italy and around the World to review them anonymously. The result of this hard work will be the renowned 50TopPizza ranking. Every single pizzeria visited will be ranked, reviewed and published in the most influential free online guidebook: 50 Top Pizza.  It is the most loved by pizza enthusiasts and the most coveted by pizza chefs.

The 2022 edition will bring lots of exciting news for the Asian region which continues to be one of the most interesting for 50 Top Pizza and where right now more than 150 selected specialists are giving their votes to choose the best pizzerias around the continent.

The first news is related to the geographical delineation of the area where 50TopPizza operates in. In fact, Asia, Japan and Oceania regions will not be separated anymore, rather they will be considered as a single area in the evaluation process and called the new Asia Pacific area. The area will include Japan, South Korea, Greater China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

As said, the Asia Pacific area is growing quickly.  Therefore, to ensure optimum success in the area, 50 Top Pizza is officially welcoming Vittoria Dell’Anna as Panel Lead. Vittoria, who has considerable experience in Asia working on fine dining events and with the media in the region, will be joined by 4 local coordinators selected from the media, influencers and f&b representatives from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia. These new roles aim to create a more structured team to oversee the entire area more comprehensively, become stronger locally and contribute to the success of our ranking.

50TopPizza is committed to create a complete, comprehensive guide despite the challenges of the current pandemic.  The use of local coordinators will ensure that we feature the best pizzerias in the region without overlooking any worthy establishments.

The rankings will soon be revealed with a series of events in major cities including Milan, Madrid, New York, Bangkok and Naples and will bring to life the glamourous spirit of 50TopPizza. Stay tuned!


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