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Jesper Blomqvist is a former professional footballer. He has played in the Premier League for Manchester United as well as for Parma and Milan in Italy. The collaboration between the two partners Jannis and Blendi, involves a common love for Italian food.  This has changed their lives and led them to success with this delicious pizzeria.  It is located fifteen minutes from the city center of Lidingö. The dough is in the Neapolitan style, hydrated and soft, and real Italian products are used here. Try the “salsiccia e friarielli” (the sausage and broccoli), it is just like the one you would eat in Italy. The prices are average. The beer selection greatly enriches the menu. Very friendly staff.

pizza chef:

Jesper Blomqvist , Jannis Bonnevier e Blendi Plasa

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Periskopvägen 19, Lidingö, Svezia

Aperto dal mercoledì al venerdì a cena; sabato e domenica a pranzo e cena

closing day: lunedì, martedì
+46 8 766 64 60
wine list:
Di pregio (da 11 a 30)
beer list:
Presente (fino a 5)