Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

1° - Da Michele

This establishment has been present for over 150 years in Via Sersale in the heart of Forcella. Then the great adventure started far away in Japan, from that point on there are up to almost 20 venues in Italy and around the world. Their gamble has been on the identity pizza, the so-called wagon wheel pizza that any dish fails to contain, typical of the Condurro family. The expansion of this Neapolitan pizza has followed the franchise model so in terms of the aesthetic level it brings together very different pizzerias. But on the plate, you’ll find that the same suppliers are used as in the original pizzeria in Naples from which everything started. Meaning that in all these establishments it is possible to eat the same type of pizza thanks to the training of the staff, for which a lot of focus has been dedicated. These venues represent a true flag of the Made in Italy at an international level by the best known Italian restaurants in the world. All styles of pizza are good, but to understand the most famous and the most widespread you have to start by eating the Da Michele margherita and marinara pizzas.