Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

11° - Da Zero

It all started in the heart of Cilento in Vallo della Lucania and then leapt up to Milan where it immediately doubled in size and went on to open locations in other cities.  It is a unique experience that has surely the Neapolitan style at its base.  However, this time on the disk of dough there is the culture of the Cilento biodiversity that follows the seasonality of the products and the ingredients in an infinite variation over the course of the year.  The pizza can be accompanied by excellent fried foods.  There are also some dishes on offer and other novelties including the pizza in teglia (pan pizza) introduced in recent months.  The artisan replication is guaranteed by the staff training and by the relationship with the best suppliers in Cilento, the territory where the term Meditteranean Diet was coined by Professor Ancel keys.  A nice selection of craft beers and wines from Campania complete the offer.  The service is high profile, motivated, and always attentive.