Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

15° - Fra Diavolo

Fra Diavolo group started back in 2018 when Mauro D’errico and Gianluca Lotta saw an opportunity and took over the 5 year old original pizzeria located in the Ligurian Riviera.

The first branch of the newborn chain was opened in Genoa in the same year and since then the company grew at an incredibly fast pace until the successful opening of the Milan branch.

Fra Diavolo concept combines Neapolitan style with a modern twist.

The main ingredients used on the pizza are artisanal made and some of the product are part of Slow Food Association; tomatoes and all the dairy are sourced in the sunny Southern Italy.

Highly skilled professional pizzaiolos have developed 3 different kinds of dough to choose from: classic, multigrain and black charcoal.

To top this up they have a wide range of Italian beers and even their own label of white and red wine.

Their service is friendly yet extremely professional and customer focused.