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La Balmesina

Located in the heart of the city, this venue is a youthful club with an informal atmosphere. All the doughs are made using sourdough, organic flours and undergo a long fermentation process. There is also a variant that uses spelled flour. A Neapolitan-style, round pizza is served here.  Alternatively, “pizza in pala” (the meter-long pan pizza) is also available.  It is to be ordered preferably by a minimum of two people. Great care is taken in choosing the ingredients; the most important of which, but also many others, are imported directly from Italy. As for the beverage options, some well-known beer labels are showcased here. The service is excellent: fast, helpful, and executed by a waitstaff with smiling faces. The same can be said for the take-away service. The prices are very affordable.

pizza chef:

Massimo Morbi

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Carrer de Balmes, 193, Barcellona, Spagna

Aperto il lunedì a pranzo; dal martedì al venerdì a pranzo e cena; sabato solo a cena

closing day: domenica
+34 934 15 62 24