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Lilla Napoli

What immediately hits you as soon as you enter this establishment are the smiles stamped on the faces of every single patron.  Lilia Napoli, in fact, lives up to its reputation.  It is probably the most famous pizzeria in Sweden, but it is undoubtedly the one that serves the best pizza.  Ville and Bess are Swedish and love Italy with all their hearts.  This is testified by their pizzas made perfectly in the Neapolitan style; soft and with a slightly pronounced crust.  They are enriched by many ingredients that come directly from Italy’s sunny peninsula.  They are always eager to tell you something about their trips to Italy and to describe the territories where their wines come from.  There is a cheerful, family atmosphere.  However, maximum care is given to the quality of their product.  Every pizza, in fact, is always carefully prepared with an excellent management of the baking times in the wood-fired oven.

pizza chef:

Ville Ilola e Besmir Balaj

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Halmstadvägen 1, Falkenberg, Svezia

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+46 73 874 79 83
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