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Majstor I Margarita

The title of the novel by Bulgakov has been borrowed to represent the love story here between the pizza chef and the margherita pizza.  This one is absolutely sublime thanks to the use of ingredients of the highest quality.  We are not far from one of the bends in the Danube River, and this colorful establishment is always very lively.  It is certainly the right place if you are looking for a soft pizza with a pronounced crust, topped generously with fresh seasonal ingredients.  Try the funghi e pepe (mushrooms and black pepper) or the “verde” (green) with spinach and parmesan.  Many ingredients come directly from Italy such as the bresaola, the ham and all of the cured meats.  You will also find them on the menu proposed as an antipasto served on a wooden block.  You can pair your pizza as you like to a wine, craft beer or even an excellent gin tonic.  The service is fast and attentive.

pizza chef:

Aleksa Stojanović e Nikola Đorđević

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Vuka Karadžića 12, Belgrado, Serbia

Aperto a pranzo e cena

+381 60 4808621