Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2021 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

2° - Sorbillo

Gino Sorbilo is certainly the best known Neapolitan and Italian pizza maker in the world thanks to his ability to convey the joy of pizza and its simplicity. Years have passed since the first big leap that took him from the Tribunali district to the seaside front of Naples and from there to Milan. The venue’s opening have multiplied in Italy and in the world, all with great success. Also in this case we are talking about a classic Neapolitan style pizza and a series of products that are the same in all venues. Lievito Madre is flanked by Zia Esterina that specializes in fried dishes and other pizzerias with a different format in Milan. But the soul of this chain is always the same, the formula of seven pizza proposals, fried dishes, appetizers, beer and wine. This chain is an absolute certainty, a true ambassador of Neapolitan pizza.